7 Super AZ Dinner Spots for Out-of-Town Guests

Arizona features some of the best cuisine in the country. Whether searching for a relaxing lake-front atmosphere or authentic Mexican food, these dinner spots are sure to please out-of-town guests.

10 Best Fall Patio Dining Destinations in the Desert

Whether you’re looking for a casual patio setting, or a truly unforgettable sunset dining experience on the water, here are the best patio culinary dining experiences to try in and around Phoenix this fall.

Full Moon at Scorpion Bay

Scorpion Bay provides a stunning setting to witness the moon as it rises, casting a beautiful glow over the bay that offers excellent opportunities for photography, stargazing and fishing.

Live Music at Scorpion Bay Grill

The award-winning Scorpion Bay Grill is famous for the best patio and lakeside dining experience in Arizona due to elevated lake-fare that’s a combination of high-end country club and your favorite neighborhood bar.

5 Tips for Teen Lake Days

I recently spent a day on Lake Pleasant with my teen and college-aged boys and their friends and, let me tell you, it was just what the doctor ordered.