Wildlife Watching at Lake Pleasant

When visiting Scorpion Bay Marina and Lake Pleasant, you’ll find plenty of regional wildlife from the marina or on the shores and hiking trails around the lake.

Near the marina, take a stroll on the dock and look for herons, gulls, cormorants, pelicans and other water birds. It’s a pleasant experience to spend time at the lake viewing bird activities as they soar through the air or swoop down into the water.

As for fish, Lake Pleasant is home to at least 12 species. The lake is regularly stocked by the Arizona Game and Fish Commission. Fish enthusiasts will find white bass, striped bass, largemouth bass and bluegill. There’s also white crappie, black crappie, bigmouth buffalo fish, two types of catfish, sunfish and tilapia.

Near the lake shoreline, you’ll often spot wild burros, or you might find them on a drive through the park as they decide to venture for the day. They’re highly intelligent animals and when faced with potential danger, they tend to assess the situation before fleeing. They defend themselves with powerful kicks from front and hind legs and can bite if they feel trapped or threatened.

On the hiking trails stay safe, hydrated, use sunscreen and watch out for rattlesnakes, especially in the spring. Wildlife is more active in the early morning.

It’s exciting to note that the Lake Pleasant area has been home to a few bald eagles throughout the years. Arizona Game and Fish Department asks people to respect the eagles and stay away from nests. Viewing the eagles online, however, is encouraged. AZGFD offers a fascinating live-streaming Bald Eagle Cam and advises viewers to stay tuned, as things have been unpredictable this season.

Before venturing out to view all the beautiful wildlife the Lake Pleasant area has to offer, be sure to check the Scorpion Bay and Maricopa County Parks and Recreation websites for updates about current situations as they work to keep guests safe during this time.

Scorpion Bay is Arizona’s premier floating playground, offering everything from daily pontoon and ski boat rentals to slips for harboring your yacht (or dinghy). Come for the fishing or come for the frolicking—either way, incredible mountain views, fantastic dining and world-class marina services await less than an hour out of Phoenix.