What to bring with you for a day on the lake at Scorpion Bay

Have you been looking forward to a boating summer adventure all year long? Well, the time is now, and Scorpion Bay is the place to go! Scorpion Bay offers boat rentals, jet skis, wakeboards, kneeboards and tubes, plus packages with tubes, kneeboards, wakeboards, etc.

Here is a list of what we recommend you bring on the boat to have a fun and safe day out at the lake. Each of the below items are available at out Scorpion Bay General Store, or bring them from home and use our convenient tram instead of the stairs to carry it all down from the parking lot to your boat rental.

Water/Other Beverages

Being on the water all day is tiring and heat and sun exposure can all factor into the day. You will need to stay hydrated. Make sure to pack ample amounts of drinking water for each passenger alongside other beverages you bring. The Scorpion Bay General Store also offers a wide variety of grab and go beverages perfect to take on your adventure.


Bring your own food or order food to go at the Scorpion Bay Grill that features a delicious menu. You can order ahead and pick up at the dock. Don’t forget plates, forks, knives, spoons if you need them and paper towels. You’re sure to get hungry out on the water. Here are some ideas of what to bring from home:

  • Nuts. Nuts offer healthy fats, fiber, and protein, which are all things that will keep you full and content. For some added fun make, a homemade trail mix and bring that along!
  • Peanut butter sandwiches. Peanut butter is chock full of protein and healthy fats, and a perfect food to bring on a boat!
  • Crackers. Crackers are always a great snack to have on hand.
  • Energy bars. Going to be gone for a long time? Be sure to bring energy bars to give you that boost when you need it.
  • Apples. Apples are easy to grab and go and are a perfect healthy snack to bring.

Cooler Full of Ice

You’re going to need a place to put your drinks and your food, especially if you bring perishables. Be sure to grab a cooler before you leave and fill it up with enough ice to last you all day!


Don’t forget to bring sunscreen. Apply it 30 minutes to an hour before getting wet and reapply every time you get out of the water. Here is a list of sunscreens we recommend that won’t hurt our fishy friends!

  • Think sport SPF 50 Sunscreen
  • Kokuna Sun Care Hawaiian SPF 50 Natural Zinc Sunscreen
  • All Good SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen Lotion
  • Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen


One of the most important things to bring is your swimwear! If you’re not wearing it already don’t forget your swimsuit and coverup/t-shirt. Forgot something? We’ve got a wide variety of swimwear and clothing to keep you cool and protected from the Arizona sun for purchase at the marina.

Towels/Extra Change of Clothes

It’s no fun being wet and cold on the lake. Don’t forget a towel and an extra change of clothes to leave in the car, or to change when you get out of the water. Swim parkas, snuggie wearable blankets and hoodies are popular choices for all ages regardless the season.

Jet skis, Kneeboards, Wakeboards and Tube with Appropriate Pull Ropes

If your boat has the capacity to pull them, be sure to bring or rent water skis, a kneeboard, a wakeboard and a tube! There is nothing like the feeling of getting up for the first time on water skis or tubing with a fun driver behind the wheel.

Coast Guard Approved Life Jackets

Life jackets are a necessity to have on a boat. Children 12 and under are required by Arizona law to wear a life jacket while on the boat, but we recommend all kids put one on the moment they step foot on the marina deck. A lifejacket is also required to be available for each adult/passenger on board, but it is a good idea for everyone on the boat to wear one regardless of their age or swimming ability the entire time they’re on the water. If you’re renting one of Scorpion Bay’s boats, they will be provided complimentary.

Ziploc Bags/ Waterproof Phone Case

Be sure to bring Ziploc bags or something to protect your phone, wallet, keys, camera, registration and other water-sensitive items from getting wet.


Do yourself a favor and bring a pair of sunglasses and a hat. The sun is strong, especially on the water, and your eyes will thank you.

First Aid Kit

You never know what could happen while you’re out on the water. It’s best to be prepared, so make sure you bring a first aid kit with you.


Don’t forget the music! Having music makes boating all the more fun.

We look forward to seeing you soon here at Scorpion Bay Marina. Bring your friends and family and enjoy a day out on the water!

Scorpion Bay is Arizona’s premier floating playground, offering everything from daily pontoon and ski boat rentals to slips for harboring your yacht (or dinghy). Come for the fishing or come for the frolicking—either way, incredible mountain views, fantastic dining and world-class marina services await less than an hour out of Phoenix.