SEABOB Water Scooter Demo at Scorpion Bay

Relaxed gliding and sporty driving on the water. Exciting and safe exploring under the water. Participants on SEABOB water scooters experienced it all during a recent demonstration at Scorpion Bay Marina, discovering another fun way to explore the beauty of Lake Pleasant.

One participant said, “Being pulled by a SEABOB feels as if you were transformed into a dolphin. It’s a very unique experience, a mix of an adrenaline rush and just a cool sensation of being propelled through the water.”

CAYAGO Americas Inc. teamed up with AquaBanas, Mares, Restube and iBubble to bring the world’s fastest water scooter to Scorpion Bay Marina on their nationwide tour of lakes offering free product demonstrations.

The guides gave a detailed safety talk at the beginning and allowed SEABOB riders time in shallow water to get used to the scooters. The water toys were so simple to use that the riders got used to them right away, steering the watercrafts into the water with a simple push of the button.

The SEABOB’s hydrodynamic shape allows humans to move as agile as a fish in the water. The scooter is powered by an electric jet stream system which enables completely emission-free driving experiences on or under the water. The SEABOB is extremely environmentally friendly and slides through the water powerfully and almost silently.

The central cockpit, located exactly within the driver's field of vision, shows all important technical data from the engine precisely on the display. It informs the pilot about the current mileage, the selected power gear, and the battery charge level.

Pressing the trigger activates the engine. A light pressure on the green sensor accelerates the vehicle to the desired speed. Pressure on the red sensor slows down the SEABOB by reducing thrust. If the situation requires an immediate stop, simply letting go of the trigger is sufficient.

If desired, people can dive into the fascinating underwater world of depths up to 40 meters by individually programming the on-board electronics. A safety shutdown reliably prevents the diving depth from falling below the selected depth.

The patented E-Jet Power System on the SEABOB works on the principle of water displacement. Water is sucked in by the powerfully rotating impeller and pressed outwards in the jet channel with high pressure.

Participants agreed that riding a SEABOB was a fantastic way to experience Lake Pleasant.

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