Safety Tips for Boating with Dogs

Nothing beats a day out on a boat with the companionship of your dog. You may consider your dog a part of the family and feel it just isn’t right to exclude them from a day of fun, so keep your pet in mind when making boating plans. Scorpion Bay is pet friendly and welcomes your pooch on all our boat rentals, on Scorpion Bay Grill’s dog friendly- patio, even on our new large event boats! Most dogs are instinctive swimmers and enjoy the water. However, safety is an important aspect of any boating excursion, especially if you take your pooch along. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Buy a canine life jacket

Have your dog wear a well-fitting canine life jacket, available in most boating stores and pet shops. Although your dog may be a good swimmer, high waves or fatigue can cause trouble, so don’t risk it.

2. Discourage drinking from the lake or ocean

Bodies of water can often contain organisms harmful to your pet, so never allow your dog to drink water from a lake or ocean. Take fresh drinking water with you and make sure it’s available at all times. A day on the water on a hot day can cause your pet to become dehydrated, so encourage fresh water drinking.

3. Sunscreen

Just as humans need sunscreen to protect their skin from harmful rays, so do dogs, especially short-haired breeds. Use a light SPF sunscreen such as SPF-15 on your dog. Make sure it’s unscented to avoid irritation.

4. Doggie waste bags

Be sure to take plenty of training pads, doggie waste bags and paper towels for when it’s time to go. Train your dog to use the activated carbon pads to make the clean-up easier. The pads have an attractant so your dog knows where to go. Toss it away when you get back to land.

5. Bring a first-aid kit.

Make sure you have a stocked first aid kit on your boat. Bring antibiotic ointment for minor scrapes, and of a good supply of any medications your dog may be on.

6. Visit the boat with your pet prior to your trip

Take time to let your pet get acquainted with the boat before going out on the water. Allow your dog to visit the boat while at the dock so he can get used to his surroundings in a safe, secure environment with no movement.

7. Keep your dog’s first outing short

It won’t take long for your pet to adjust to the ship’s movement, but it’s best to make it a short trip if it’s your pet’s first time out. Take these tips into consideration and make the most of your time on the water with your best pal! A safe and prepared environment will ensure a pleasant boating experience for all.

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