Monsoon and Storm Safety

It’s that time of year - we’re in the midst of Arizona's monsoon season, which runs from June 15 to September 30, according to the National Weather Service. The severity of monsoon storms varies greatly from a minor dust storm to a severe thunderstorm capable of producing hail, deadly lightning and flash flooding.

Lake Pleasant is known at times to experience unpredictable weather and windy conditions. Please check weather forecasts regularly – before heading out to the park and during your visit. You can find current weather forecasts at NOAA Weather Radio or online.

“Always check the forecast before heading out. If severe weather or storms are likely, the best thing to do is postpone your outing for another day,” said David Rigo, OHV law enforcement program coordinator for the Arizona Game and Fish Department. “However, if you’re already out and storms begin appearing nearby, there are key actions you can take to stay safe.”

If stormy conditions are present during your visit, please remember the following:

  • Avoid tying your watercraft up to docks
  • Avoid trailering or launching your boat
  • Find a quiet cove to ride out the storm and shelter in place
  • Keep an eye out for the wind warning lights located around the Lake
  • Wear your life jacket or personal floatation device at all times

It’s also a good idea to prepare a family emergency supply kit in the event of severe weather conditions. The supply kit should contain essential items such as food, water, necessary medications and sturdy clothing. Dust storms usually last a few minutes, and up to an hour at most. It’s best to stay where you are until the storm passes.

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