Full Moon at Scorpion Bay

Perfect for Photos, Gazing and Fishing

Scorpion Bay provides a stunning setting to witness the moon as it rises, casting a beautiful glow over the bay that offers excellent opportunities for photography, stargazing and fishing.

To find the exact time the moon rises, visit the Astronomy Central section of and input your location (Scorpion Bay is in Morristown, Arizona) to find the moonrise and moonset times: The website will tell you the date, time and exact location of the next full moon. Use a compass to find the location (north, south, east, west) and the degree ↑ (119°) of the moonrise.

For photos, moonrise is a fantastic opportunity to capture the exact moment the moon appears above the horizon. Snap several photos during dusk when the lighting provides a view of the area surrounding the moon as it rises for visual interest. People love to see photos of the moon as it rises in the sky.

If you’re not a photographer, moonrise is an amazing time to appreciate nature and perhaps share it with someone you love. The problems of the day tend to disappear as you watch the moon rise high in the Arizona sky.

Are you a fisherman? You probably already know that the best fishing times are when the fish are feeding, which tends to be during dawn and dusk. The moon phases trigger a feeding pattern, with more activity during a full moon.

Choose times when sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset coincide with new or full moon phases, and you’ll increase your chance of catching a fish.

Visiting Scorpion Bay during a full moon can be a serene and unforgettable experience. Whether you're looking for a moment of relaxation, appreciating nature's beauty, or snagging a fish for dinner, the full moon at Scorpion Bay in Arizona will undoubtedly leave you with lasting memories. Be sure to plan your visit on the dates of the full moon and consider checking local weather forecasts for the best conditions.

Scorpion Bay is Arizona’s premier floating playground, offering everything from daily pontoon and ski boat rentals to slips for harboring your yacht (or dinghy). Come for the fishing or come for the frolicking—either way, incredible mountain views, fantastic dining and world-class marina services await less than an hour out of Phoenix.