Life at Lake Pleasant

It's a Good Day at Scorpion Bay

Top 10 Things to Do in Peoria

July 09, 2018

From Scorpion Bay to the Arizona Broadway Theatre, Peoria guests are never bored in this diverse and dynamic entertainment destination. Here’s our top 10 must-see spots when in Peoria.

10 Ways to Keep Cool at Lake Pleasant

May 28, 2018

From paddleboard yoga to boat rentals, fabulous food, drinks and the finest event yachts in the state, we’ve got more than 10 ways to keep cool at Lake Pleasant.

Six Best Day Trips in Arizona

May 14, 2018

6 great ways to explore Arizona, from ziplining in Tucson, to boating at Lake Pleasant, to adventures in Prescott. Each only an hour or two away for visitors or locals to enjoy.